If you were to wear just one item of clothing for the rest of your life, what would it be? Believe it or not, but for many gorgeous ladies it would most likely be a Kaftan. And why not? it is super comfortable, has a free-flowing amorphously fluid silhouette which hides flaws while flowing elegantly with the body’s natural movements, can be styled in different ways and it comes in a plethora of colours and prints. The kaftan is a universally flattering garment that boasts an undeniably bohemian allure, making it easy to wear and a cooling option for balmy days!

Summers are here and to slip into something comfortable and breezy is at the top of your mind, right?

Then it’s time to introduce your summer wardrobe to the very versatile and forgiving ‘Kaftans’.

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A symbol of exoticism and a bohemian lifestyle, over the years, “kaftan” has become the catch-all term in fashion for any kind of loose-fitting robe or tunic , often used to describe a number of different garments of Middle Eastern and North African origination.

Kaftan is a Persian word, though the garment style is believed to have originated in Ancient Mesopotamia.

For thousands of years, many cultures throughout the world have worn simple kaftans due to their easy fit and no-fuss structure, although the more elaborately designed pieces were usually worn in royal courts – some being so fantastic and exotic that they were given as gifts to one another!

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It is not a secret that kaftans are stylish and never seem to go out of trend. This is why it is only natural for some of our beloved celebrities to adore kaftan dresses almost as much we do! They have worn it at every possible occasion - cocktails, beaches, weddings and even parties.

Kaftans have been a comfortable dress choice for celebrities to make statements with their outfits.

The Kaftan trend has re-emerged throughout the fashion history many times most notably in 1967 when the Beatles made a trip to India where they were hugely influenced by their yogi and guru Maharishi Mahesh.  They shared their “India Experience” with their fans by setting new trends in music and fashion.

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In the eighties, the kaftan lost its allure among the trendy but remained strong and essential to the more mature crowd.  Nowadays, after vintage became ‘in’,  A lot of stars are wearing kaftans to interviews, events, premieres, or galas like Christina Hendricks, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Rachel Zoe and Nicole Richie, Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé,Kris Jenner to name a few.

The kaftan was even made popular by the likes of Christian Dior and Balenciaga who introduced this outfit as a loose evening garment.

Recently, the kaftan has also become the #OOTD and #OOTN of the Bollywood’s It-Girls and we think it is a style that has come to stay.

The Bollywood Stars who has been seen to ace the kaftan are Kareena Kapoor Khan, Dia Mirza, Nora Fatehi, Priyanka Chopra Jones, Sonam Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha and a lot more.

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Being highly trendy in 2021, here are few reasons why you should invest in kaftans:

* Stay chic all year!

Kaftans are loose-fitting, free-flowing, vibrant, flattering and perfect for all seasons. Being breezy and light, they will make you feel relaxed and are ideal for any occasion. Wearing them will also make you feel classy and comfortable. You can wear it with or without leggings and you could also add some accessories and flaunt the look. It’s your Go-To outfit anytime and anywhere.

* Budget friendly!

Not only are kaftans trendy and comfortable pieces of women's clothing, but they are also budget friendly since its just a one piece cloth designed with embroidered thread, colorful beads, and funky and abstract designer prints. The multicolored print lies in its stunning throw of random and imagery images strewn together to form a quaint art. It is an important aspect to consider, especially when you have other expenses too. After all, who doesn't like to save a few bucks from their pocket?

* One size fits all!

The best part about owning a kaftan is that no matter your body type or age, it would look as flattering on you as it would on anybody else. You can wear a kaftan without having to worry about whether you’re a lean-sized or a plus-sized woman. You should get to wear what you want, whenever you want. Kaftans cater to that choice!

* One outfit for all occasions!

Kaftans are the perfect solution to overpacking and over-purchasing. Pair it with strappy sandals and boho earrings and necklace to make a beautiful beach outfit. Wear it with a pair of stilettos or high-heeled boots to get a date-night ensemble. Accessorize yourself with embellished earrings and an ethnic design clutch for a wedding. Even for a staycation, it seems perfect as it caters to all your dressing moods and different styles. The queen of Bollywood Kareena Kapoor Khan, herself showed us how it can also be worn as a cool summer home outfit during her quarantine period.

* Be your own designer!

You don’t need to go to a fashion school to design your own outfit. With a Kaftan, you can be your own designer.

You can -

  • Accessorise yourself lavishly with bracelets, necklaces, belts, earrings, sunglasses, jewels, pearls or headbands.
  • Use a belt in the front, side or back to give shape to the kaftan.
  • Experiment with wearing a jacket over the kaftan.
  • Wear it with a sash to look regal.
  • Carry a clutch or a Potli to give an Indie or an ethnic Vibe.
  • Try pairing up your kaftan with a matching/contrasting turban for an exclusive look.

Ladies, fear not and Kaftan It Your Way!

* Stylish Maternity Dress!

During pregnancy, a woman needs to wear a comfortable and lightweight pregnancy dress or a maternity suit for health reasons. Well, Kaftan dresses are ideal in this situation and can be easily worn because of is free-size design. To add to it, Kaftans are known be trendy and stylish, hence Kaftan is not your average maternity style and that’s what a pregnant woman needs - comfort and style.

Pick a kaftan, style it your way, and voila! You've got yourself a multi-purpose fit.

The Model is wearing our Always In Style turquoise Blue Kaftan with a beautiful outshining gold neckline fit for a perfect Redefine & Leisure wear.

The Model is wearing our Always In Style Black Kaftan with loose sleeves and gold printed patterns. The Golden embellished Neckline makes it the most exotic one.

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The kaftan lent itself well to the fashions of the next decade; providing a simple silhouette that could be beaded, heavily patterned, or sleekly minimal (as seen in the designs of Halston in the 1970s). Women entertaining at home wore the “kaftan dress,” while at the same time more traditional silhouettes were being brought into the United States and Europe by young people who had traveled the nascent “Hippie trail” from North Africa to Afghanistan. The popularity in America of the kaftan—from high end to mass market and cheap imports—stemmed from its association with exoticism as well as the easy-to-wear comfort of these pieces. From the mid-1970s through to the last decade, the kaftan disappeared from most high fashion catwalks, instead becoming associated with resort wear.

Shortened to micro-mini length, Tom Ford took the kaftan silhouette to the realm of the erotic for Gucci Spring 1996, as designers seeking to inject their collections with an “oriental” touch and nostalgia for the 1960s rediscovered the versatility of this garment. Fashion designers such as Temperley and Matthew Williamson have continually reanimated the kaftan’s Bohemian mystique, and others such as Naeem Khan and Elie Saab have brought the kaftan to the red carpet with ornately beaded and embroidered versions. The bold and graphic silhouette of the kaftan enables designers to each put their unique spin on it, while usually maintaining the ease of comfort and modesty that make it so appealing to women worldwide.